I am an Army Sergeant Combat Correspondent. I served a tour in Afghanistan from Feb 09 to Feb 10 as part of the 4th Brigade 25th Infantry Division (Airborne). I am currently a CC at the US Army Pacific headquarters at Ft. Shafter, Hawaii. I was the 2009 DOD Military Videographer of the year and have been nominated for two Emmy's for documentaries I made while in Afghanistan.

Monday, April 18, 2011

"To look after orphans - Balikatan 2011" in HD

This is a short video I made about U.S. and Filipino service members visiting an orphanage in a remote area of the Philippines. The service members passed out toys and food. They also sang songs and played with the children. It was a really moving experience. I wanted to take one of the kids home with me! The amazing Filipinos that take care of these children on a daily basis are amazing people and I was honored to meet them.

Produced by SGT Robert Ham


Sophia Gabrielle Achacoso said...

robert were you in the philippines? im filipino

Sophia Gabrielle Achacoso said...

robert were you in the philippines?, im filipino